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The Most Important Technology Trends Driving the Future

Biotech, Healthtech, The Future of Transportation: From Flying Cars to Humans on Mars, Sustainable energy production, Fintech, Edtech

Growth for all, growth for good

How do we go about building a future that delivers growth and sustainability and inclusion? Creating a world in which growth, sustainability and inclusion form a powerful dynamic is an imperative for the next era of business and societies. Where do we as a region stand and how can we move forward for the good of all?

What is a Digital Mindset and How to Lead in Digital Economy and Society?

Digital mindset is a new way of thinking, how we think about collaboration, computation, and how we think about change. What digital literacy means and what types of digital skills we need to participate in and contribute to the digital economy and environment? How machine learning, data, and algorithms are steadily making it into how we work, how we live, how we behave, and how we serve our customers and clients? And what does that mean for individuals, teams, and organizations? How to work with machines, how to use them for human augmentation?

People are worried about being replaced by machines, but the true threat to job security in the digital age is other humans who know how to use digital tools. People who have a digital mindset will be the ones who will be leading the way, no matter whether they are junior or senior.