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ROUND TABLE: The Future of the Region: Growth for All, Growth for Good

How do we go about building a future that delivers sustainable and inclusive growth? Creating a world in which growth, sustainability and inclusion form a powerful dynamic is an imperative for the next era of business and societies. Where do we as a region stand and how can we move forward for the good of all? In this session, we will also share best practices of establishing a solid ESG strategy, identify its most important parts, and talk about implementation practices, including the challenges faced in the process. According to McKinsey, ESG-oriented investing has experienced a meteoric rise with global sustainable investment now topping $30 trillion.

PANEL DISCUSSION: How to Respond to the Growing IT-ization of the Economy & Society

Digital trends and their impact on the labor market – massive requalification and outflow from non-tech companies. The future of work including jobs of the future and digital divide between men and women, and between youth and seniors.