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How to create female belonging culture in tech companies?

Experts, delegates from the leading tech companies will share the best practices but also challenges in creating female inclusive business environment and processes in traditionally mail dominant sectors, and through design thinking methodology with a professional facilitator try to create “prominent company culture“ to synergies both genders uniqueness and advantages. Numbers of researches show that the most creative, effective, ethical and profitable teams are the gender balanced ones.

How to Achieve Collaborageism and Cross-Generation Leadership in the age of disruption?

As world’s population is aging, recognizing age diversity as a key component of diversity&inclusion and the tangible benefits of cross-generational collaboration is crucial. That is why we want to tackle “collaborageism” and fight ageism and digital divide – a rising issue in today’s companies, especially the ones that are driving the world. Only about 50% of companies include age as part of their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy and the unemployment rate is two times higher for midcareer workers compared to young workers, although HR leaders say that nearly 90% of candidates aged 45-plus perform as well or better than their younger peers. In an interactive session with delegates from the most advanced companies, we will gather insights, comprehension, and tools on how companies’ leaders respond to this issue.

How to create inclusive innovation-driven regional ecosystem?

Region’s countries have something in common – exceptional individuals. When gathered in teams, those individuals are achieving amazing results – just look at football players from Croatia, waterpolo players from Serbia, basketball players from Slovenia. Exceptional results are achieved in the field of innovation as well – Croatia has two unicorns, Serbia the most developed ecosystem for gaming and blockchain, Ljubljana is the most developed innovative ecosystem in region. But what we miss? We miss to put teams and innovation among extraordinary women from our region, connect them and create ecosystem enabling sustainable and tech-driven organization development.

All about Gen Z, “Born to Lead” and Business Environment for the New Age

Born as digital natives with personal agency and facing a labor shortage, record class stratification, and untenable living costs, Gen Z has significantly shifted their concept of a career. This shift has been happening in the last few years and was largely accelerated by COVID-19, the war in Ukraine, record inflation, and political strife. Top talents are aware what they bring to the company from the day one: their experiences to help make a better company, but also they are clear that they will leave at some point, and you should not be concerned by that.

What is it that Gen Z is really looking for from employers and society , we will here from The New Generation of Leaders , delegates from the best companies , Today’s Young Talents, Tomorrow’s Global Visionaries , to summaries their vison of the business environment for the new age and they own roll.

How to Achieve Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in the Work Environment?

A recent Harvard Business Review found that 40% of workers feel isolated at work. Some feel that building an inclusive culture is not part of their role or is too challenging. Also, in an Era of great resignations burnouts that traditionally has been kept private and looked as a sign of weakness become common issue. According to the survey of 15,000 leaders globally: “the pandemic will lead to serious retention issues because leaders who are feeling burnout are nearly four times more likely to leave their positions within the next year.” All of this is creating a DEI emergency and retention is a huge part of that strategy today.

Networking Fundamentals for Digital Age

In nowadays world the networking is a necessity that leads to more job and business opportunity, broader and deepest knowledge, improvement, and faster advancement, gather status and authority, increased job satisfaction. Building and nurturing professional relationship both internally and externally is essential so we will try to answer how an aversion to networking could be overcame, how to build your network, meet new people and boost your career we will try to sum up with the best networkers in our region, as an opportunity for discovering and learning rather than a chore.

How to Cooperate Effectively to Respond to Global Challenges?

Studies show that 70% of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals adopted in 2015 for better and more sustainable future could be enabled by the application of the newest technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and robotics, but also by long-lasting commitment of companies, organisations and individuals. Participants, leaders from different industries will discuss the actions they or their respective organizations have taken, as well as the commitment, policies and partnerships that need to be taken in order to support the achievement of these goals by their 2030 target.